Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Tanjore paintings !!

Tanjore paintings are quite popular and are known for their beauty and their richness. A Tanjore painting on the wall of your house will surely give a very rich look to your home. This art is believed to have originated in the Vijayanagar dynasty, but later nurtured by the rich kings of Tanjore. These paintings can be used for enhancing the looks of your home and also as gifts for your near and dear ones. Trust me, people will never forget you and your gift when you gift them a Tanjore painting.

Coming to the materials used in making a Thanjavur paintings, the main item which adds to its richness and beauty is Gold. Yes, we use 24 ct pure gold in our paintings!! Thus the value of a Tanjore painting appreciates alongwith the increase in gold price. Another important part of a Tanjore painting is the "Teak wood frame in Chettinad style". Though we can get it framed with ordinary frames to reduce the cost of the painting, it is this Chettinad style teak wood frame that adds to the beauty of the painting and also gives that antique look. Apart from this we use many other materials like natural gum, chalk powder, cloth, wooden board etc.

Speaking about the making of a Tanjore painting, all I can say is that it is a laborious process and involves a lot of work and dedication from the artist. From the making of the board which involves a lot of physical work to the painting of the eyes which involves lot of imagination, time and an artistic bent of mind, each step is unique and intersting in its own way.

A good Tanjore painting is always judged by looking at the eyes of the God. In Tanjore painting, lot of importance is given to the eyes and a lote of effort goes into making the eyes and face look very natural.

Only painitngs of Gods and Goddesses are made in this style. That is how it is from many many years, when the king of Tanjore got the paintings of Gods and Goddesses done until now. The original Tanjore paintings can be seen in the meuseum of Tanjore. The price of a Tanjore painting depends on the size of the painting.

Here are some of the Tanjore paintings made by me (Shubha). I can make the painting of any God or Goddess. We can negotiate the price over phone or mail. If you wish to own a Tanjore painting, please feel free to call me or mail me or meet me at the following  :

Flat No. CF-5, Bay breeze Duraiswamy apartments,
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No.63, 6th main, Saraswathipuram,
Mysore - 570009

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Phone: 9677240781

Wednesday, 22 August 2012


Hi All,

Sanaathani proudly presents another range of handicrafts!!! Any guesses?? Well, we are now introducing 'Terracota' items. Since Ganesh chathurthi is coming very soon, we thought of staring with teracotta Ganeshas. These terracotta items are very beautiful and will give an ethnic look to the place where they are placed.

Our Terracotta artist is Mr.Anand Pal from West Bengal. He has learnt this art from his dad. Now, since the income from selling this is insufficient for him, he has shifted to gardening work. We, at Sanaathani did not want his talent to go in vain. So we promised to sell as many creations of his as possible. Hope everypne supports!!

Note: If required, we can provide you with peices which do not have a varnish coating.

Teracotta idols serve as wonderful gift items and also wonderful decorative items. If you want to  buy any of these items, please contact me:

Shubha G
Flat no. CF5, New number 119, East Coast Road,
Tiruvanmiyur, Chennai - 600041

email id :

Mobile : 9677240781

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Feel free to contact me anytime. Always there to help you out!!

Product Name: Ganesha with an umbrella
Price: Rs.100
Product name: Ganesha on swan
Price: Rs.200
Product name : Sitting Ganesha
Price : Rs.350

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Tip #2: To be natural the Indian way!

Are you suffering from gas problem? Are you having pain in ur stomach or chest due to accumulation of gas? Then here is an easy home remedy to get rid of this problem!
Take a glass full of butter milk. the butter milk should not be very thick. It should be watery. Add a pinch of Asafoetida (known as 'hing' in Hindi and 'prungaayam' in Tamil). Stir it and drink it! You will get immediate relief!

Instead of going for artificial effervescent fruit salts you can go for this easy home remedy. You can thus get a relief from your problem by avoiding chemicals getting into your body.And buttermilk and Asafoetida are usually present in all homes all the time.

We should all remember one thing " The food which when taken in a state of health helps in enhancing your health level can only act as a good medicine when you are ill. Such a food alone will not have side effects leading to other problems". Hope this tip helps!!

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Tip #1: To be natural the Indian way!

Hi All,

I have tasted Vim bar, Pril etc., Have you? Guess each of us would have, atleast once, when we or our servants dont wash of the soap properly. Here is an idea to overcome this!

You can use Shikha powder instead of these chemical dish washing bars. We have started using this in our home! And it is in no way inferior to the dishwashing bars. Shika powder easily removes the oils from the vessles. Infact, I felt it is far more powerful than the dish washing bars.

The scientific name for shika kai plant is Acacia concinna. The powder is prepared by drying the fruit pods, leaves and bark of the plant and then grinding it into a powder. The bark contains Saponin which is a foaming and cleaning agent.

Shika powder is available in all provisional stores in India. Big brands like 'Meera' have also started selling shika powder packs, which will be available in almost all super markets.

Shika powder has a very low pH, therefore it will not extract the natural oil from your skin, unlike the chemical dish washing bars and solutions. I have seen many ladies complaining that their skin has become rough after using such and such a dish washing bar or soap. Sometimes the skin becomes so dry that it starts peeling off. So, to maintain the beautiful skin of your hands, start using Shika powder!

Even if by chance, you dont wash off the shika powder properly, there is no need to worry. Its totally natural and will not harm your body even when it goes into your body!

And last but not the least, by using Shika powder, you prevent water pollution!

So what are you all waiting for? Just start using shika powder!!