Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Black pottery of Manipur

Black pottery is a very rare kind of pottery, made only in Manipur and not easily available everywhere.

Black  pottery has a very old history. It was known as LOREE HAMLEI also called 'Royal pottery' because only rich and dignified noble families could afford to buy them. They used these pots to cook food especially during special occassions like marriages.

If you are of the opinion that these pots are painted black to bring that colour, then I am sorry to say that you are completely wrong. These pots are made from a special type of rock called 'The black serpentine rock' that is naturally black in colour, available only in certain hills of Manipur. The craftsmen collect these rocks, crush them and convert it into a powder. The powder is then mixed with  water to form a paste. The beautifully shaped cooking pots, mugs, kettles and many more beautiful items are made with hands only. The craftsmen do not use even a potter's wheel because this material cannot be shaped using a potter's wheel. Thus it requires lot of skilled labour for its making. The pots are made by the tribes of Manipur.

Note: Cane is used for decorating the item. Items with cane decoration cannot be used in microwave, because cane will get burnt out.
The pots will be hot after microwaving them. So do not remove the pots from microwave with bare hands

Intersting feature of these pots:

These pots can be used in microwave ovens. So I request microwave users to go for these pots rather than using plastic containers. These are natural and chemical free products and hence will not be harmful in any way.

Another interesting  fact about these pots is that, when hot food it kept closed in these pots, they remain hot for a very long time. Also, when something cold is kept in these pots, they remain cold for a long time. Isnt that interesting??

Finally, the items like coffee mugs, tea cups, snacks bowls etc., are aesthetically appealing and attractive. They have a rich look that will surely add more value to you home!!!

These pots are available with me. I have put the pics of the different types of black pottery available with me, along with the price. You can contact me to place orders.

My contact details:
4E, Chand Tower,
No.128, L.B.Road,
Chennai - 600041
Ph: 09677240781
email: sanaathani.sanaathani@gmail.com

Product name: Soup Bowl or microwave container.
It is available in 2 sizes : Big and small
Price: Soup Bowl Big- Rs.350
             Soup Bowl Small- Rs.250

Product name: Beer Mug
(Can be used as a penstand or as milk mug)
Price: Rs. 590

Product name: Snack Bowl triangle
(Can be used for decorative purposes also)
Price: Rs.400

Product Name: Snack bowl
Price: Rs. 300

Product Name: Milk Pot Oval
Price: Rs.1400

 Product name: Milk mug
(Can be used as decorative mugs or gifting mugs)
Price: Rs.400

 Product Name: Coffee Mug
Price: Rs.300

Product name: Tea pot

Product name: Caserol (Can be used in microwave)
Price: Medium - Rs.1850
                   Small size - Rs. 1600
Product Name: Cooking pot (Can be used in microwave)
Price: Big size - Rs.1800
                 Medium size: Rs. 1500
           Small size: Rs.1400

Product Name : Cooking pot Big
Price: Rs.1800
The product is sold out and not in stock at present

Product Name: Kettle with cane handle
Price: Rs.1200

Product Name: Soup Bowl Square
Price: Rs.250

Product Name: Square Mug
Price: Rs.400
Product name: Sugar pot
Can be used as a pickle pot also
Price: Rs. 250

Product Name: Triangular cup
The cups are smaller than what it looks in the photo. Saucers will be provided with the cup
Price: Rs.250(per piece, which includes a cup and a saucer)
Product Name: Triangular Mug
Price: Rs.400

Product Name: Tumbler
Can be used in microwave
Price: Rs.200


  1. Hey shubha. . .
    Very proud to see you doing all this . . . Helping such people. .
    And the products are very attractive Will surely buy it. .
    All the very best :)

  2. Nice to see such pot vessels. I also will buy from your mostly next month. Thanks for promoting environment friendly and multi purpose product :)

    1. Hi Maria! Thanks a lot! Please do call me or message me to my number 09677240781, whenever you want to buy these pots. I will be really happy to help you! I checked your website. Its really nice and you seem to be a very nice person! Happy to establish contact with you!

  3. Shubha do you know about the stone vessel where you can cook on gas stove and oven both?

  4. Maria, I do not know about stone vessels. I guess they also mean black pottery, because even these are made from stones.Stones are crushed to a powder form, mixed with water and moulded and heated. These can also be used on gas stoves and also in microwave ovens.

  5. @Maria..For More products you can mail us at shop.etokri@gmail.com

  6. Replies
    1. Hi Gauri !

      Sorry for the late reply. They are absolutely lead free. The stone powder is mixed with water, molded to different shapes using hand and then heated to a high temperature.
      If you would like to buy them, please let me know.

    2. Please check with Wikipedia. It answers your question.

  7. Hi Shubha, your article was a good read. Considering I could not get my hands on these when I was travelling in Manipur, I was hoping to pick up 2 of those mugs/tumblers, provided there is a way to collect them at Bangalore, since you are in Mysore/Chennai. Kindly let me know if that would be possible.

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